What about Infection Control

Reducing the chance of spreading infectious diseases has always been the "highest priority" of the dental profession. Our office uses comprehensive infection control procedures which comply with, and exceed the "universal precautions" set and regulated by government and professional agencies. We routinely monitor our infection control policies and ensure that upgrade to material and equipment, as well as training in their use, is an on going process.

Many of our control procedures are visible; gloved hands, protective masks and eyewear and freshly laundered uniforms. What may not be visible to our patients is the sophisticated state-of-the-art sterilization of all instruments, including hand pieces, disinfection of all surfaces, and disposal of contaminated waste into special containers which are then discarded according to government regulations. We used disposable instruments as much as possible. Each non-disposable instruments used for treatment has been carefully rinsed, scrubbed, dried, packaged and sealed before high heated and pressurized sterilization. To reassure your safety, all the sterilized instrument are only unwrapped after you are seated. Your treatment room has also been prepared just for you. Every touchable surface has been scrubbed, sprayed, and wiped down with a disinfectant in accordance with OSHA and CDC (Center for Disease Control) specifications, eliminating any chance of cross-contamination.

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